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It’s an on-going dilemma… am I going for classic or boho? Coho? Blassic? Both sound like a terrible celebrity coupling, and not a style I should be using around the home.

Image source Barker and Stonehouse

It’s true, this is a dilemma I face more often than not when I consider categorising my own home style. I love traditional styling, designs which have stood the test of time and aren’t likely to date any time soon. To me, they have so much character and are reminiscent of the era; a time when designing and creating was all about the intricate, extravagant and time-consuming detail. Think ornate cornicing, a solid marble carved fireplace, or a decorative ceiling rose. Whilst I can appreciate the modern and minimalist trend, I definitely swing more towards traditional, classic aesthetics.

However, cue big, tasselled, pom-pom wearing ‘Bohemia.’ It’s cute, quirky and oh-so tactile with it’s mix of chunky knits, crochet and cool linen. This is a home style which has reached meteoric popularity, and I for one am amongst its’ fans. It appeals to the free spirit within me and still has great cosy potential (three words; chunky. knitted. blanket.) There is one problem though, it is the complete polar opposite to my beloved classic styling and pretty difficult to combine the two in a polished way. Get it wrong, and the mish-mash of styles could wind up looking like a badly decorated B&B (you know the kind I mean, everything thrown together with no real direction).

Barker and Stonehouse seem to manage this pairing pretty well, combining plush velvet chesterfield sofas with wooden beaded empire chandeliers (main image) and smaller, boho finishing touches. This is my preferred route, keeping the major focus in the room classic and complementing with quirky boho decorative items and textiles such as tasselled cushions, driftwood lanterns and sheer window drapes.

classic styling

Image source House and Garden

Melissa Hemsley of Hemsley & Hemsley’s house in east London

luxe boho

If I had to choose a brand to epitomise the bohemian trend it would most definitely be Anthropologie, which is my image source for all of the below.

BRING A TOUCH OF BOHO TO your classic home…

Graham and Green
Lisbeth chandelier £375

I’d love to hear your tips on combining these two styles, comment below!

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