Dulux Colour of the Year 2019, Spiced Honey.
Image credit: Dulux

Fabulous! I have your attention. Now I’ll admit this blog post is not going to shatter your french grey dreams. It is however, going to look at a fresh approach to neutrals.

It’s fair to say grey interiors have risen to meteoric fame over the past decade. You wouldn’t be blamed for thinking you had accidentally set your iPhone to black and white mode when browsing Pinterest or Instagram for interiors inspiration. A quick search on Instagram brings up nearly 100,000 hits for ‘#greyhome’ alone and there are entire accounts / blogs dedicated to everything grey.

It’s easy to see why. Grey is calming, versatile and can be incredibly luxe. Not to mention, readily available. From the high street to the heights of luxury, almost all brands have embraced the achingly cool look resulting in a style for all budgets.

Now I have to ask the question, dare I say it. Is it not waring a bit thin? Like a threadbare towel, it’s seen you through the best and worst of days. It’s reliable, familiar and safe. But imagine biting the bullet, throwing away that threadbare towel and investing in some egyptian cotton loveliness. You wouldn’t regret it would you?

In this scenario the threadbare towel is grey as a neutral and egyptian cotton is beige, taupe, or maybe even barely-there blush.

colour of the year

It seems fitting to start with the Dulux Colour of the Year 2019, which is Spiced Honey. A dark beige with warm, welcoming undertones which when paired with soft textiles and natural wood delivers a surprisingly serene space.

Image credit: Dulux

Jitney is a new offering for 2019 from Farrow and Ball. It has a brown based tone and is sandier and lighter than a traditional beige – a great option for those nervous about trying a new colour.

Image credit: Farrow and Ball
Jitney No.293 in Estate Emulsion on the walls and Green Smoke No.47 Estate Eggshell on the woodwork

Vintage Taupe from Benjamin Moore is a barely-there shade, offering just enough warmth to differentiate from white whilst still being neutral enough to complement a colourful statement wall.

Walls painted in Benjamin Moore, Vintage Taupe
Image credit: Curbed New York

Elephants Breath No. 229 from Farrow and Ball is a taupe with grey undertones for die hard grey fans.

Walls painted in Farrow and Ball Elephants Breath
Image credit: Mary Wiggle via Farrow and Ball

Pink has transitioned from an accent colour to a pretty neutral and works wonderfully with bold accent colours such as emerald green and navy. With a plethora of shades available, there really is a shade of pink for everyone and every room. Plus, it looks great when paired with……grey!

Walls painted in Farrow and Ball Pink Ground
Image credit: Pinkhouse.co.uk
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