Scandi…with a twist

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‘Life begins at the end of your comfort zone,’ so they say. For me, Scandinavian design sits firmly at the end of my comfort zone. It’s functional, minimalist and cool. None of which are synonymous with my own personal style.

Whilst I can appreciate the space-saving, wallet-friendly IKEA approach, (being a first-time homeowner of the millennial generation, I do indeed have some staple items from the blue and yellow holy grail) I find a lot of their designs too, well…modern.

Scandinavian design is about being humanistic and relevant to the need for the design, no frivolous additions, just what is necessary to produce the desired result,” says Nancy Vayo, Interior Design Leader at IKEA U.S.

But, what if like me you love frivolous additions and intricate, elaborate design details? Fear not. In this blog post I have ventured outside of my cosy comfort zone and into the uber slick world of Scandi interiors. The result? Some clever design hacks to incorporate a touch of Scandi into your home, whatever your style.

straightforward accessorising

Scandi decor is minimalist and functional which extends to accessorising. Strategically placed lamps, simple photo frames and wall art with straight, clean lines helps to achieve that effortless modern aesthetic .

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One of the fundamental elements of Scandi design is muted, light tones often complemented by a contrasting earthy colour such as brown or more specifically, tan.

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berber rugs

cosy textiles

Although kept to a minimal, Scandinavian design does feature tactile textiles which double up as functional and cosy. Chunky knits made from natural wool sit alongside cool linen to add texture to a room.

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