Say it with stripes

There are few styles or patterns effortlessly offering both timeless and bold design, but stripes do just that. Whether unassuming and understated or graphically bold, stripes are versatile and can look great in any room.

“In smaller doses, like on furniture or on accessories, they’re the neutral of the pattern world,” says New York City interior designer Elaine Griffin (Real Simple).

Stripes have an almost architectural power, to reshape a room depending on how they are positioned. Naturally, vertical stripes will make a room look taller and give the illusion of higher ceilings. Whilst horizontal stripes help to stretch out a room, making it appear wider. Small spaces benefit from a thinner stripe, to get the full effect of large stripes a larger surface area is required.

Very bold stripes work best in spaces where people tend not to linger, in a hallway for example or a downstairs loo.

Image courtesy of Krista Watterworth Design Studio via Decoist
Image courtesy of Ayelet Designs via Decoist
Image courtesy of Matthew Bolt Graphic Design via Decoist


Real Simple

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