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Rustic. It’s one of those terms bandied about a bit like shabby chic, but does anybody know what ‘ooooh I love that, it’s so rustic!’ actually means?

Well, it’s a good thing. Let’s start there.

“The best rustic interiors find a perfect balance between rough and comforting. This design style highlights the authentic beauty of natural materials, celebrates unfussy tastes and simply makes us feel at home,” explains Leanne Walstow for House and Garden.

A rustic style is characterised by the use of natural materials such as wood, stone and textured fabrics and a distinct lack of modern materials such as plastic, metal and synthetics. Colour palettes are neutral with earthy accents of brown, grey, green and gold.

Fabrics are textured and natural yet still cosy and comforting; think linen, leather, wool and fur (all of the faux kind for me personally, I won’t bang on about it!).

Although synonymous with winter cosiness, rustic decor is surprisingly great all year round. The neutral backdrop and focus on natural materials ensures this style doesn’t date. Rustic also lends itself beautifully to complimentary interiors styles along the boho line, meaning a spring/summer refresh with seasonal plants, flowers and lighter fabrics is easily achieved. A sprightly colour pop always looks great in a rustic room too.


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