Why ‘all-natural’ is more than a trendy label – the multi-million pound industry worth paying attention to.

Promises of organic origins and natural ingredients is nothing new in the kitchen…

But as we see all-natural products increasingly cropping up on beauty counters and under the kitchen sink, what is ‘all-natural’ really about, and is it worth the hype?

Conscious consumerism

According to the 2020 Organic Beauty and Wellbeing Market Report by the Soil Association, conscious consumerism is now an urgency.
The growth of certified organic and natural products has risen a significant 23% over the past year, since 2018. This is not only the 9th year of consecutive double-digit growth, but the 3rd biggest percentage growth since 2010.

Natural living has shifted from a mindset to a lifestyle

Wellbeing continues to be the main driver behind the powerful shift towards natural living. As mental health becomes a well versed subject and no longer holds stigma, everything from anxiety, to sleeplessness and general areas of struggle is openly discussed on social media platforms. Thus allowing brands to connect more authentically with their audience.

“Consumers are craving meaningful interaction with their chosen brands,” says Jennifer Anderson, Founder of Sivana Interiors. “Consumers are willing to bare all, so to speak. It is commonplace for consumers to share their personal struggles and lifestyle choices openly on social media. In return, they expect insightful and meaningful content from the brands they choose to connect with. Content marketing has never been more powerful, but does come with an important caveat; authenticity and integrity.”

With reports of the wellness industry being worth $4.5 trillion in 2019, wellbeing is a lifestyle choice worth paying attention to.

Demand for natural ingredients grows beyond beauty

Natural and organic cleaning products are increasingly appealing to millenials and Gen Z, who are leading the way where ethical purchases are concerned.

According to the Soil Association, 45% of people have used an eco-friendly cleaning product in the past six months, with 33% of people increasing their purchases of eco-friendly household care products.

Brands to watch

Tincture London
Made by Coopers
Nourish London

Sivana is a range of all-natural home fragrance products

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