About Sivana

Sivana was born from a personal mental health journey for Founder, Jen.

Having lived with depression for over 13 years, Jen developed a solid self-care routine, and developed a passion for alternative therapies, including aromatherapy as a way of alleviating some of her symptoms. 

Without sounding cliche, a journey of self-discovery ensued and Jen taught herself all about holistic healing, how the brain works and the importance of a mind, body, soul approach to life.  

Jen began sharing her own story, in the hope it would make others feel more comfortable to talk about their mental health. 

Alongside this journey, a passion for interior design developed. Sivana started its inception as a blog, sharing interiors trends with family and friends. 

Then, COVID-19 hit and whilst on furlough from her job in marketing, Jen decided to make her very first candle, taking a kit out of the cupboard which she’d received from a friend for christmas a couple of years earlier. Already familiar with the tangible benefits of pure essential oils, Jen invested in some essential oils rather than using the synthetic fragrance included in the kit. 

A candle was created, and the rest they say, is history! 

Today, Sivana encompasses all of Jen’s passions and purpose – high-quality, beautiful products, lovingly made with wellbeing in mind and grounded in intention.