Candle care

Candles, they’re a little more complex than you’d imagine

We use 100% natural soy wax which sounds great – and it is! We’re proud of the fact we don’t use cheaper, easier to work with wax which can have nasty toxic properties. However, there are some characteristics of soy wax which make it tricky to work with.

Soy wax is much softer than other wax, such as paraffin. It is also extremely sensitive to temperature changes. These sensitivities can result in a few ‘quirky’ appearance traits which don’t affect the candle burn at all but are worth highlighting. Although we strive for excellence with our products, because we are working with a natural product, there will inevitably sometimes be minor variances between candles.

  • Fine surface cracks
  • Candle jar frosting
  • Slightly textured surface top
  • Sink holes – occur when the candle jar is particularly cooler than the pouring wax and the wax contracts when setting. As standard, if our candles have formed a sink hole we don’t sell them – we just don’t like their appearance! However, we may sometimes offer these in our discounted ‘Perfectly imperfect sale.’ The candle will burn exactly the same as a normal retail candle and has been made with the same ingredients and scents.

We hope you understand this is an expected characteristic of hand-poured, all-natural candles.